Sometimes I’m here.. sometimes I’m there (

I do not sleep very much.   There are reasons for this that I understand and reasons I don’t.  When I can’t sleep I sometimes come to this site.  I find it soothing.   it supports my theory that there is a universal unconscious, and although I am rarely there, a dream world that we share.  We might not meet each other there, but I suspect it’s one big landscape, planet, cosmos. And there are feelings in dreams we never experience when we are awake.   Although one night i saw something on the street that was terrifying and foretold of death, and that was like a feeling from a dream.   Unencumbered by the editor in my brain. Pure pulse of terror.   And I will never know what happened to the people I saw on that precipice of murder.   I was simply driving by at the darkest moment of a life,  I think.  

I never dream of Radiohead.   I don’t know if I want to.   It’s strange enough that they exist in my imagination separately from their own being.   As do all of you.  

Sweet dreams.   Here’s the best lullaby, and one of the most beautiful parts?   “One, two three…”

And I think, how can anybody sleep when there is something this beautiful to be found when you are awake?  


Pat Troise

Move Through the Moment

So many compulsions —

You can’t stop, can you?

Neither can I,  but for me it’s words.

Half as many imperfections

a shatterbox on legs driven by

the rhythm


except to display your

soul and behave as if you have not

Fresh and wet

Slipping out of the womb

As a beautiful veal calf

Not yet saved from the slaughterhouse

But too pretty to eat

Just yet

I come in peace

I bear no knife or fork

Only a desire to consume the supernatural

Through the pores of my skin.

Pat Troise

(thank you to Aro0 for the inspiration)