I’m a writer, artist, musician and dog trainer.  I have been yearning for, wrestling with, and fighting off sleep for half of my life. I will be spending some time here in the wee hours of the morning writing about Radiohead through the filter of my particular experiences and my sleep disorder.  It’s an odd combination, sleepwalking and Radiohead, but I have every expectation that it will yield both interesting observations and epic dreams.   I have both restless leg syndrome and something called  myoclonus, which means I jerk myself out of rem sleep every few seconds.  When you are sleep deprived enough, you hallucinate and you fall asleep for only a few seconds at a time, directly into a dream.   As for sticking to Radiohead, who was it that said the only true freedom is achieved when restrictions are in place?   I figure the paths to and from Radiohead will take me all kinds of interesting places and maybe you’ll be interested in them too.  After all, it’s all one big Nice Dream.

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