It’s Thom Yorke’s birthday and that makes me so fucking happy.   My life, so many people’s lives, would be so different if he were not born.   In big ways:  would there even be a Radiohead?   And in an uncountable number of small ways – everyone who ever listened to a song he sang, every path he walked on, ever cause he ever championed or disdained, his friends, his family, everyone he encountered – is changed.  I have friends whom I would not have.  I have sounds in my head and heart that would not be there.  I have ideas about things I would not have.  I have pictures and experiences of Coachella, of Club Amok, of stopping everything just to listen to a song and think,  Or feel.    I hope he feels lucky to be himself and happy today to celebrate himself.  I know we are lucky to have him.   Happy birthday to Himself, Thom Fucking Yorke.

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